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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

The primary goal of VortexHealing is transformation. This unique healing system channels divine light and consciousness from a specific energy vortex to release issues and heal the physical, emotional, and karmic bodies.


The philosophy of VortexHealing holds that all of life is one and that our human experience of feeling separate from creation causes suffering and results in blocks and distortions in our energy system. VortexHealing also posits there are divine beings who live in Oneness as expressions of pure source. One such being calls itself Merlin. Merlin is the divine source for all of the transmissions of the VortexHealing tools. (The Merlin that is associated with King Arthur was not this Divine Expression but one of the human teachers of the Merlin Lineage).


Merlin manifested VortexHealing to free us from our issues and awaken us to our true nature, bringing us back into the light of Oneness. Merlin’s divinity creates an energy vortex that is manifested in the heart for students through transmissions provided by VortexHealing teachers. The direct consciousness transmissions imprint energetic healing tools, accelerate the student’s energy system and consciousness, and bridge the interface between the divine, the healer, and the receiver more deeply with the progression of classes. It should be noted that VortexHealing can only be used for positive purposes as the Divine is always guiding its application.


Since all divine lineages are focused on spiritual awakening, meditations are taught that utilize and build on the energetic foundation created by the training. These meditations are designed to help the practitioner’s energy system evolve, making it more fluid and powerful, and bridging everyday consciousness with the spiritual heart.


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VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.



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