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Donna Morrish, M.S., M.F.T.

A Healing Philosophy


Donna realized early in her career that one type of therapy does not suit all people. Never one to shy away from difficult tasks, she has extensive experience with those who have suffered trauma and catastrophic loss, including post-suicide, post-homicide, post-earthquake, and post-fire counseling. Experiences with these and other types of clients with difficult problems led this lifelong seeker beyond traditional talk therapy to explore and become certified in a variety of body-mind techniques. These are often known as Power Therapies for their ability to help people make changes more rapidly than they do with traditional therapy alone. Donna has a private practice, leads workshops, and also teaches continuing education courses for nurses, MFTs, and LCSWs.


Seen from a larger perspective, our symptoms act like beacons, calling on us to heal. What are we healing? Separation from ourselves, which is essentially a separation from the vibration of love, a love for all that exists, including the difficult aspects of ourselves. Our symptoms can drive us to seek wholeness, to know ourselves more deeply. When we experience wholeness, or non-separation, we feel the flow of the non-material, energetic universe. In that flow we can experience the majesty of the universe, spontaneous healing, joy, insight, peak performance, and creativity.

Donna Morrish is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California and a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado, who specializes in using mind-body techniques to help clients develop their own healing and growth resources. In addition to traditional talk therapy, Donna’s repertoire includes hypnosis, Thought Field Therapy, Lifespan Integration, Vortex Healing, Wisdom Healing Chi Gong and EMDR.

Donna Morrish



(510) 290-0989

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