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Comments From Past and Current Clients



Donna Morrish is a consummate professional whose insight, compassion, depth, creativity, and wisdom are gifts to those who have the good fortune to work with her.  I have been lucky enough to attend a variety of seminars and work one-on-one with Donna for several years.  She offered me a safe place to be myself, open up fully, and experience my own sense of self and the divine in ways I never had before.  Not only did Donna expose me to new ideas and techniques that weren’t even on my radar screen, but she struck an amazing balance of being non-judgmental in her support while still propelling me forward in my growth.  I was able to be real in all of my beautiful, ugly, messy, complicated, imperfectly perfect ways, and she has been instrumental in my healing and evolution.    Tricia Boyle, Emeryville, California


Donna Morrish provides a wealth of information and tools to effectively release tension, become more centered and grounded and connect with our spiritual inner guide.  She is a wise soul, here to provide us with guidance and visual imagery that enables us to  cope with the challenges of our times.  I am grateful for her CD's and workshops.   Cynthia Lee, Oakland, California


Thank you for the many presentations you did for my "Third Thursday" group.  Heartmath, Introduction to Vortex Healing, Induced After Death Communication, and others, were "not to miss" events.  Your warmth, grace, clarity, and leadership combined to make those events very memorable, and many in the group reported that they had been touched deeply, in such a way that expanded their senses, and their own self understanding.  My own experience with the Induced After Death Communication session that we did in the group setting was very healing, and life changing.  The group continued to talk about that particular event for years afterward.  Even though my father and I were the ones having the communication, the group that witnessed the experience reported a profound change in their personal orientation toward loss, grief, and departed loved ones, in a way that gave them peace.  Your gentle leadership and deep understanding of human emotion together create a safe haven for the deeply personal journey into emotional healing.  You are a gifted healer, indeed.   Tannis Kristjanson, Castro Valley, CA


"Donna's work is remarkable  because Donna is remarkable. She has a rare
blend of insight, talent and loving perseverance that helped me find the
courage to grieve the loss of my partner.  ....Her own joy and gratitude for the blessings of life are contagious and have inspired me to reach and grow through the hard places and celebrate my own
gifts from the universe. I am delighted to have the  opportunity to recommend  her work to others.

Caryn Goldman, RN, Licensed Acupuncture and Herbalist, Oakland, CA


I attended a group led by Donna for women’s spiritual  practices for a few years.  I found that her group was very beneficial in providing me with the support and relaxation skills I needed during a stressful time in my life.  Donna is a wonderful group leader, and I especially looked forward to her guided meditations.  She has a very calm and soothing voice allowing complete relaxation.  She creates a safe environment that allows women to express their feelings.  I continue using Donna’s Paths of Grace guided meditation CD’s  when I feel the need to hear that calm, soothing voice. Jolane Romero-Hickman, Nevada City, California


During our weeklong retreat,  Donna led us gently and sensitively each day  through guided imagery segments and interactive exercises connecting our bodies, minds and spirits. We were guided toward greater health and wholeness-visualizing ourselves in the future, doing things we dreamed of doing-walking into that furure, being greeted by people eagerly anticipating our presence there. I have seen myself walking more fully into that future during the past year. After doing some EMDR work with Donna on a distorted belief that has been inhibiting me for 32+ years, I have experienced gretaer freedom of functioning and enjoyment in my professional life than ever before. Mary Triplett, Marriageand Family Therapist, Christian Counseling Center, Hayward, CA


I was lucky enough to cross paths with Donna Morrish years ago, and was struck with her strength, amazing positive energy, and insight.  As she evolved in her work as a healer and teacher, using different modalities, I became interested in them also.  Because Donna is a person of honesty and integrity, as well as warmth and love, I was willing to trust her, and venture into spiritual realms where I would otherwise never have gone.  As a result, I have grown in ways which I could not have anticipated, and am a better, happier, and wiser person myself.    Julie Greenfield, R.N., Castro Valley, CA


I can’t even explain how much this program did for me! You and the group were just wonderful. As a beginner at meditation, I was a little slow with the guided imagery but it turned out to help me get my feet wet. So thank you!!! With all my heart..thank you!!  Lisa Grundhoffer, Walnut Creek, CA


You are my “guru” even though you will deny it. I have grown so much this week. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Sue Busby, Soda Springs, CA


I have admiration for the way you do things. I have respect for you and the way you’ve effected  the group during the retreat. I love your playfulness and the fun you bring. Coralee Laux, retired Marriage, Family Therapist, Castro Valley, CA


I value your ability to share so much knowledge. I value how you give of yourself. I wish you lots of love, peace, harmony and all the kindness in the world.   Regina Chavarin, Oakland, CA

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