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Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration is a gentle therapy that works on a deep neural level to promote rapid healing in adults who were abused or neglected as children. This new technique helps clients move into a positive present by revisiting and restructuring repetitive, self-destructive patterns that were set up in early life.


During an LI session the therapist and client begin by identifying a difficulty in the client’s present life. The client focuses on body sensations to find an earlier root (neural network) that holds distorted beliefs and partially processed emotions, much like a file that contains misinformation. The client and therapist then use the tools of Lifespan Integration to “re-set” the client’s neural system to move past unpleasant feelings and dysfunctional patterns connected to the past and establish more effective and mature responses to all aspects of adult life.


Even those who have poor or fragmented memories of a difficult childhood benefit from LI therapy. After the therapy clients find that they react to stressors in age-appropriate ways rather than falling back into old patterns. They feel better about life, are more self-accepting, and are better able to enjoy their intimate relationships.


Lifespan Integration was developed by Peggy Pace, who trained Donna Morrish in the technique. To learn more visit



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