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Seraphic Wisdom

Seraphic Wisdom

Highly refined frequencies are channeled from the Seraphic Angelic realm for personal and planetary healing. Through direct consciousness transmission, practitioners are attuned to send various waves for clearing, harmonizing and healing your body, mind, spirit as well as the earth. 


"Bringing the Seraphic Frequency in a benevolent, loving manner to others, for their highest and greatest good, is the supreme goal of a Facilitator."

                                                                                       The Seraph Adalian

Seraphim Angels

The Seraphic realm is known as the highest order of angels next to the Source of All, Divine Intelligence, God.  The Seraphim have not typically had direct contact with humans. Their focus has been with the order of the universe. As humanity  evolved, communication was initiated to further assist with planetary development and lifting humans to their higher potentials. Seraph Adalian, Guardian of North America,  is one of many Angelic Beings who works to bring health, harmony, creativity and compassion through for the benefit of the receiver. Seraph Adalian serves the Divine and the Oneness of All that Is.



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