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IADC - Induced After Death Communication

Healing and Connection through Afterlife Communication


IADC is a therapy which induces a psychological state which allows an ADC (After Death Communication) to occur naturally.  Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) has helped thousands of people come to terms with their grief by allowing them the experience of private communication with their departed loved ones.  This remarkable discovery has the potential to change humankind's spiritual perspective and make us as a species more loving, compassionate, and peaceful, while healing the person's grief quickly and completely.


What happens during an IADC?


During an ADC many people have spontaneous direct contact with their deceased loved ones.  These experiences vary from full visions to partial visions, sensing a presence or hearing a voice, feeling a physical touch, smelling a fragrance, or glimpsing another dimension.


What happens during an IADC is intentional and has several steps.  A client is helped to release sadness and fear over the loved one's death.  This powerful yet gentle technique of EMDR, (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is used to neutralize emotionally charged memories optimizing the probability of contact.


Once the grief is sufficiently cleared the client focuses on the deceased loved one with whom s/he desires to connect. 75% of the time people are able to have their own personal communication.  It can take the form of tactile, auditory or visual experiences, or any combination of these.


Why it works


Deep sadness prevents an ADC from happening spontaneously.  When we reduce sadness and fear we naturally induce a state of receptivity, which is typically characterized by complete openness to anything that might happen.  In this state we are able to experience ADCs.


A sense of separation is what causes the profound pain of grief.  The experience of reconnection is what heals you.


What are the requirements to do an IADC?


1.  You must be willing to experience your grief.  Even when someone feels they are "long over it" they are often surprised to find bits of grief that arise to be cleared.


2.  You must be willing to put all your expectations and beliefs aside, and give yourself to the process with an open heart and mind.


3.  You must have at least 6-12 months from the time of the loss and the IADC.


Will it work on me?


An IADC cannot be guaranteed.  Each session is different as is each client situation.  The process is successful for most people 75% of the time.  Of the 25% who do not have an ADC experience, most obtain considerable relief from grief.


What Past IADC Clients Say....


My mother in law lost her son 8 years ago.  Without having a sufficient level of English, I had the opportunity to play the role of interpreter (in this process), being a neutral witness of her IADC session.  I was sitting next to her on the couch and I suddenly felt myself in a meditative state, while the top of my body seemed more stable, anchored in a state of well-being.  That's when I felt an aura of energy surrounding my entire head from the top of it to the base of my neck; it was this energy that caused the rotation, without my will.  At the same time a sentence was printed in capital letters in my head.  "MOM, I LOVE YOU."  I viewed in the same second the top of a body, from the back, with two large arms that opened to the left to hug my mother-in-law and put his head against her; all this with a great energy of love.  I realized what was happening and I ofrced myself not to do what Ihad felt.  I struggled to keep my head from spinning!  In fact, I was afraid to "blur the waves" that would allow my mother-in-law to have a contact.  So I tried to divert my attention and looked around the room, trying to forget what had just happened.  Despite my efforts the same feeling came back, more and more intense until all my body needed to act out what I had experienced.  So I interrupted the session to explain what had happened, to gesture and say the words I had received.  A deep emotion rose in me and made me burst into tears when I hugged my mother-in-law.  I felt at that moment a great relief and joy, and I understood that those tears were tears of joy shared by Bertrand and that was the great relief of having managed to give an incredible message to his mom.  I felt his emotions and lived it with him.


This experience has completely overwhelmed me by its beauty.  This has strengthened by belief and also my wife's and her parents' belief, that death is a mandatory transition for all, but it is not an impenetrable barrier bewteen "the living people" and the "disappeared one."    Denis Malecot


My daughter, Carmel, died....after a year and four months of being treated for osteogenic sarcoma, bone cancer.  She would have been 11 years old on June 2, in grief had become a way of life for me, a state of mind that I couldn't seem to let go of...Donna told me about Induced After Death felt like my mind was expanding.  My eyes were closed but I could see a highlighted area, like a campfire in the dark, with lots of people in colorful clothes standing near the "fire."  I didn't exactly see a fire, but there was a glow like there was a campfire...I saw Carmel.   She looked happy, healthy and mom and dad standing with her.  They, too, were smiling and happy... They did not say anything.   Somehow I just picked up their happy mind felt expanded and I was happy.  I was sure they okay and happy and that made me happy...I slept well that night and the next mind was still expanded....My grief had ifted.  I could live again...I seem to find my happiness quicker than I used to.  I still can get frustrated at times, but then I look to see what needs to be done next to improve the situation instead of fretting for days, months or years about it.  There is a lightness and cheerfulness about.  Sheila F.



Induced After Death Communication (IADC)

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