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EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

Traditional therapies have had limited success in transforming the aftermath of trauma. Note that trauma comes not only in the form of major events such as rape or a violent death, but also as an accumulation of everyday damage from negative childhood messages or prolonged periods in negligent, highly stressful or dangerous environments. EMDR has been found to be remarkably effective in reducing the chronic symptoms of trauma such as anxiety, guilt, flashbacks, anger, depression, panic, and sleep disturbance. When it has been determined that EMDR is an appropriate approach as part of an overall treatment plan, results are often obtained in a matter of weeks or months, and the effects are long lasting.


"When it’s right for the client, EMDR gets amazing results. It’s a quick and systematic way of uprooting buried packages of beliefs, feelings, and impulses that don’t serve us in our present lives.”

- Donna Morrish




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